Taking Class Outdoors – Connecting with Nature + Supporting Wellness

Spending time outdoors has been shown to have a positive effect on health and learning, and teaching in your schoolyard is a great way to leverage those benefits. The Space to Grow professional development program is designed to help teachers and staff make optimal use of their new Space to Grow schoolyard, to support connection with nature and outdoor learning as well as support the school in meeting CPS’ wellness policies. Your new Space to Grow schoolyard will be an excellent resource to support your teaching and learning goals during the next school year.

Healthy Schools Campaign + Openlands invite you to view the recording of this 90-minute workshop that will help educators:

  • Get acquainted with your new Space to Grow schoolyard and its special features, and discover fun ways it can support your teaching and learning goals.
  • Become familiar with school-based strategies and partner resources that connect nature, garden-based learning and outdoor play that lead to educational and health benefits.
  • Learn tips and best practices for outdoor classroom management and teaching outdoors—for any subject! For example, how to maximize transition time or how to avoid conflicts between classes using the schoolyard at the same time.
  • Use guidance issued by reputable sources for keeping school communities mentally and physically safe during these continually trying times.
  • Connect with colleagues to gain insights on how to get the most from your schoolyard.

Please fill out the form to receive the slides and recording. One CPDU will be given for viewing this recording to those that did not attend the workshop live.