Introducing the Space to Grow Song!

May 9, 2016

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Students, parents, teachers, neighbors and friends came together last year to celebrate the official opening of the Space to Grow schoolyard at Willa Cather Elementary. The students and community were thrilled by the new space, which features an edible Learning Garden from The Kitchen Community, several native plant gardens, a new turf field, multi-sport courts and new play equipment, including swings. All of these new elements include special surfaces and materials that capture rainfall during heavy storms, helping to keep water out of the sewers and prevent neighborhood flooding.

Cather’s Dean of Students, Arick Lockhart, was so excited about the new schoolyard that he wrote and performed an amazing song at the school’s ribbon cutting ceremony. Check out a video of his performance below, and keep reading for the full lyrics.

Thanks to Dean Lockhart for sharing this inspiration!

Space to Grow Song

Written and performed by Arick Lockhart

Space to Grow (four times)

We can build a community, we can be a family, be safe and play free
Grow our own produce, Cather is healthy school, staying fit we will never lose

Space to grow (four times)

We can swing and play, no dirt in our way, slide down our new sliding boards
We can run a relay, our track is so safe, no rocks are in our way
Our football team will prepare to win, ‘cause we practice on our new field
Basketball and volleyball, yeah we got it all, and our neighborhood won’t flood again

Space to grow (our minds)
Space to grow (our food)
Space to grow (outside classrooms)
Space to grow