Video Workshop: Planting the Seeds of Nature-based Education


This video workshop is a great way to become familiar with easy tools to engage your students in outdoor, nature-based learning and to connect your teaching and learning goals with your Space to Grow schoolyard. The lessons and tools are adaptable for both in person and online learning, and can be a fun way to engage parents and caregivers. This workshop is ideal for educators of students in grades 3-5, but the lessons can be adapted for any grade level.

Research shows that increasing students’ exposure to nature and supporting outdoor learning leads to positive social-emotional outcomes, decreased stress, improved mood and improvements in academic performance. This one-hour virtual workshop will provide you with an inspiring nature-based lesson plan and learning goals that you can adapt to your curriculum. You’ll learn about native plants and how they benefit water quality, wildlife and even address neighborhood flooding issues.

Click the video below to start the workshop. Educators with an Illinois Educator Identification Number (IEIN) are eligible to receive 1 CPDU upon completion of the workshop. If you are requesting this CPDU, please watch the video, then answer the questions that follow. You will also need to download and fill out the ISBE Evaluation form found here, and return to



Click here to access a lesson plan and other helpful plant and weed identification guides that accompany this video workshop.

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