For Parents: Space to Grow at a Glance

April 24, 2016


Parents and neighbors are key to Space to Grow! We invite you to learn more about the program, get involved and enjoy the schoolyard in your neighborhood. Keep reading for more!

What is Space to Grow?
Space to Grow transforms Chicago schoolyards into beautiful and functional spaces that provide students, their families and neighbors with a place to play, learn, garden and enjoy being outside. These schoolyards also use special surfaces and unique design elements that help reduce neighborhood flooding.

A Space to Grow schoolyard is a major transformation—it’s not just a new playground, garden or a turf field. It’s an investment of well over $1 million for your school and community.

Who is Space to Grow for?
Space to Grow schoolyards are open to everyone! Students and school staff use the schoolyards for recess, physical education and classroom lessons during the school day and for after-school programs. The entire community is welcome to experience the schoolyard after school lets out and on the weekends (your schoolyard has a sign with the specific times). Kids, families and neighbors can play and exercise on the schoolyard, have a picnic, meet with friends, hold community meetings, play music, garden or just read a book in a quiet space.

Research shows that students who learn in a healthy school that provides nutritious food, time to play and be physically active and a connection to nature are healthier, happier and more successful in school! Our goal is to make that a reality in your school through Space to Grow.

How does Space to Grow benefit students and the community?
Healthy Schools Campaign and Openlands provide a support plan uniquely designed for your school. It includes workshops for parents, teachers and the
community; celebrations and community gardening days; a commitment to work with your school to improve student health and wellness; sessions that show teachers how to use the schoolyard for outdoor learning; and workshops on how to reduce flooding at your home.

Parent Handout

Download a one-page handout to share with other parents and neighbors!

Download the handout in English
Download the handout in Spanish

If you have additional questions, please contact your principal or contact Meg Kelly, Space to Grow Project Manager at Healthy Schools Campaign.